Brands who trust Bagjump

Nitro Circus Allround Airbags by Bagjump

“Bagjump has helped all of us at Nitro Circus make the impossible possible. The highest quality bags with the most cutting edge safety development. Anything else is just a bag.”

Travis Pastrana / Motorsports Legend / Nitro Circus Ringleader

Masters of Dirt

“We have had multiple Bagjumps already including a OnePiece Landing for FMX. The smaller Onepiece bike landings are amazing and we are able to have quick practice sessions outside. We just carry the ramp outside and inflate the airbag. Literally takes less than 10 minutes.”

Georg Fechter / CEO / Masters of Dirt

“The SKILLS PARK trusts Bagjump airbags reliability for years. The Bagjump Team is very helpful and always open for new ideas and they react immediately to any questions and provide superior service – service is a big factor for us in the action sport business!”

Roger Rinderknecht / CEO @ / Switzerland

We Ride Lyon Indoor Bike Park

The Bagjump airbag in our indoor bikepark has been in service for nearly 2 years. We are extremely satisfied with the product and services provided by Bagjump! We highly recommend Bagjump as a reliable and reactive supplier for airbag products.

Jeremy Davis & Thomas Houdy / Owners @ WeRide Bike Park / France

I was not sure if the landing bag would be good enough for FMX, a lot of questions came in my mind. But after we got the Bagjump landing bag I realized that is the best option. No bounce, easy to set up, and which is the most important, the safety feeling you have when you ride it. You feel the years of experience on these products.

Antonio Navas / Professional FMX Athlete and Owner / Lleides FMX

Sick Air FMX

The Bagjump OnePiece lander is a game changer. From the safety aspects all the way to traveling to and from  performances, this thing delivers. Huge weight savings add to huge fuel saving. And when that mistake happens, it’s likely you’ll hop back up and have another go. This bag will allow me to safely continue to follow my passion of riding FMX for years to come.

Scott Murray / Pro FMX Athlete / Sick Air FMX

Ryan Williams

The Bagjump Allround Airbag has been absolutely insane out here at R Willy Land. I have done basically the biggest jumps you can think of into it and the landings have been super soft and safe. I wouldn’t want any other airbag for going this big. So many worlds first tricks are happening. I am stoked!

Ryan Williams / X-Games Gold Winner / Nitro Circus Athlete

We installed one Bagjump foam pit airbag to test it and have been convinced. Now we have no more foam pits in our parks as airbags are much cleaner and more hygienic. The throughput of jumpers is a lot higher. We only take 10-15 minutes of maintenance per month instead of the countless hours for multiple staff we had before.

José Fernandes / Manager @ Flip Lab Trampoline Parks Europe

The longevity of Bagjump products is outstanding. We have had multiple airbags now for over 3 years without any issues whatsoever. Thanks to Bagjump’s replaceable air pillar system we could exchange more heavily used air pillars in the landing area easily during our monthly maintenance. The printed topsheet still looks great.

Till Walz / CEO and Owner @ Jump House Germany

The Bagjump Jump Tower is one of the biggest attractions in our facility and all our clients love it! You can tell the high quality and effort that goes into every airbag. The guys from Bagjump were always on point from start to finish. The purchasing process was extremely well organized until the product was perfectly installed and our staff was trained on the daily operations. Once a Bagjump, always a Bagjump!

Lachlan Walker / Owner @ The Jungle Tribe Adventure Park, Australia